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Congratulations for new TUV NORD for 182mm Solar Panel!

Congratulations for new TUV NORD for 182mm Solar Panel!


Good News!

Recently, our 182 series solar panel have completed and passed the full set of reliability tests of TUV NORD, and successfully obtained the latest TUV NORD certification.


The 182 series solar panel combine technologies such as 182mm silicon wafers and multi-bus grid technology. The 72-version output power exceeds 550W, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 21.3%, which can significantly reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour of PV power plants.


We CETCSOLAR always insisted on using advanced and mature raw materials and production processes to manufacture high-quality solar panel. Under the guarantee of strict quality control and comprehensive quality inspection, we ensures the product performance of each solar panel. In the future, we will continue to stick to the original intention, uphold the ingenuity, and win the recognition of more customers.



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