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Enjoy Years of Energy Savings Living at Haus Serangoon

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-29
Designed with environmental sustainability in mind, Haus@Serangon Garden features the following green features for around savings of a maximum of 40% on your utilities bill, rooted in your individual lifestyle and utility usage pattern:
Comprehensive passive design to minimise addiction to air-conditioning and electrical lighting
The layout and orientation of all 97 houses are engineered to minimise heat gain and maximise natural ventilation from the sun-path and wind directions. Each house also comes with ample windows, a roof sky-light and open riser staircase to bring in more natural light.
Heat recovery system from air-conditioning units
Another first for a landed housing estate. Heat generated from the air-conditioners will be used planning to register hot water in your bathrooms. This is an unique add-on innovation to your air-conditioning system which includes highest energy efficiency '4-ticks' rating.
Haus and serangoon garden is having environmental sustainability in mentality. The development embraces an extensive use of both passive and active green building approaches to ensure that a comprehensive sustainable design is incorporated from process. These include:
1 Comprehensive passive design for the whole development and individual brands. The layout and orientation of your 96 units were designed to minimise heat gain and maximise natural ventilation from the sun-path and wind suggestions. For individual units, passive designs were incorporated to facilitate good piece of cake and circulation including an uniquely designed car porch and ample window openings to enhance natural day-lighting. Each house also comes with a roof sky-light and open riser staircase that earns more sunlight into the centre entrance.
2 Photovoltaic (PV) system using solar energy panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Every house includes 1 kilowatt-peak PV system installed on its roof to generate solar energy source. Known to be one of your cleanest and greenest renewable power sources, the solar power generated by the PV system will off-set the grid electricity consumed by the refrigerator provided for each house and house owners will get pleasure from direct price savings on their electricity debts.
3 Air-conditioner heat recovery systems. Another first-of-its-kind innovation for a landed housing estate this can be an implementation a good air-conditioner heat recovery system where the waste heat generated to the operation within the air-conditioners often be used to provide homeowners with hot water in their bathrooms.
This is often an unique add-on innovation for the air-conditioning system which is of the very best energy efficiency '4-ticks' rating provided for every house.
4 Rainwater harvesting system
Every house will have a rainwater harvesting system to match the bunch of rainwater for gardening use, hence decreasing the use of potable water and will help with the reduction in water debts.
Homeowners of Haus and serangoon garden can benefit up to 40% utility savings for every typical terrace house, dependent upon their individual lifestyle and utility usage pattern. Right into CDL's ethos of conserving as it constructs, beyond the green features, this sterling green residential enclave are frequently built with sustainable construction methodology. Within the outset, a carbon footprint study is conducted to determine ways to mitigate environmentally friendly footprint among the development your construction time.
Haus and serangoon garden will feature an extensive use of sustainable quality materials, including green concrete and recycled raw materials, in your building structure and road is successful. To improve build ability, resource efficiency and productivity, pre-cast and pre-fabricated components will also be used widely during system. All in, the developers invested approximately 4% of the total construction associated with the enhance green national infrastructure.
Mr Kwek Leng Joo, Managing Director of CDL said: 'Haus and serangoon garden is really a landmark residential development for american as we're able to deliver significant measurable and direct cost benefits to individual homebuyers over a long-term frame of time. Beyond being mindful of decreasing the environmental impact during progress phase, this eco landed housing estate will also have a lower carbon footprint throughout its entire life-cycle. Over the extensive 'greening' of each and every house within HAUS@SERANGOON GARDEN, we seek to create an integrated community of green homes that inspires greater eco-consciousness across you can easily dry Serangoon Garden residential enclave.'
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