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【Exhibition】2021 SNEC Exhibition Site

【Exhibition】2021 SNEC Exhibition Site


Today (June 3rd.) is the first day of the Shanghai SNEC INTERNATIONAL PV POWER EXPO.

There are so many people in the exhibition site.

On the first day of the exhibition, our booth was full of popularity, new and old friends from all over the place gathered here, and the atmosphere was high.

Products Show

182mm Half Cell Solar Panel 


1. Lower Hot Spot Temperature.The working temperature of the panel is reduced, the probability of hot spot is greatly reduced, and the safety of the panels are improved.

2. Lower Operating Temperature.Half current lead to Lower Operating Temperature,Reduce the electrical transmission loss after the client installs the system.

3.Lower Shading Loss.Half cut cells decrease the shadow influence to a min areas.

Still have 50% power output under the shading in sunrise or sunset ,More suitable for installation on the roof.

9BB Half Cell Solar Panel


1.Efficiency up to 20.37% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.

2.The 9BB gate line, which improves the collector capacity of gate line, effecitively reduces the operating temperature of the solar panel, improves the long-term generation performance of the module, increases efficiency by2.5%, and increases the power by 5-10w.

3.The gate line of the cell is densified, and the resistance loss is reduced.

4.The efficiency of the light area increases. The thinner and narrower main fence design effectively reduces the shading area and increases the effective light receiving area. The opaque area of the MBB cell and the 5BB cell is reduced by approximately 3%.

Colorful Bifacial solar panel


1.Higher power generation for bifacial solar panel.

2.Colorful appearance, more beautiful. Bifacial solar panel also can be installed to your sunshine room or to building integration, can generate electricity at the same time.

3.Longer life span than normally panel, for bifacial double glass panel, we have 30 years!

9BB Half cell Bifacial solar panel


1.The 9BB gate line cells improve the collector capacity of gate line, effecitively reduces the operating temperature of the solar panel, improves the long-term generation performance of the solar panel.

2.Higher power generation. Bifacial double glass solar panel has 20%-25% much higher output power generated than regular panel.

3.Grace appearance, you can install the bifacial solar panel to your sunshine room directly or to building integration, make your sunshine room cooler and generate electricity for you at the same time.

4.Longer life span. Normally panel has 25 years life span, for bifacial double glass panel, we have 30 years! 

Folding Solar Panel


1.And This product is using the ETFE thin film, which is imported from Japan to replace the heavy glass panel.

2.With the aluminium alloy and fiberglass, it is portable and durable.

Although its frame is still aluminum alloy, the thickness is reduced to only 17mm.

3.ETFE is light, it’s surface is more waterproof, scratchproof and self-cleaning.

4.Compared to the traditional glass folding solar panel, It reduces the weight by 50% to 70%.

5.It is also very convenient to operate, it only takes a few seconds to spread and fold, and comes with a cloth bag.

Solar Power System

All-in-one Portable Solar Power System with control inverter integrated machine built-in lithium battery unit, compatible with battery expansion and AC input port, collecting solar energy, city power, battery energy storage to provide users with stable and worry-free green energy. The system is easy to use and connect, the LED screen shows system running status, so that the end user can use it without worry. With good performance and competitive price support, clean solar energy can benefit thousands of households. 

BIPV Solar Panel


1.It's not only a solar panel, but also a roof panel, perfect application of solar panel as a building component.

2.Waterproof Performance. It can avoid the aging cracking and temperature deformation cracking caused by gluing between plates.

3.Easy to Installation. The assembled top shift is connected with each other through the buckle and slot of the frame, convenient and fast to install.

4.Beautiful Appearance. After the product is installed, there will be no exposed screws on the top surface.

5.Multiple functions. Not only as the roof panel of the new factory, but also for the leakage reconstruction of the old factory. Not only solve the roof leakage once and for all, but also obtain the economic benefits of PV power generation.

6.Wide Range of Use. It can be widely used in new factory, large logistics, storage and other steel roof and also can be used in large roof waterproof maintenance.

Looking forward to 

meeting you at E1-100 101. 

Welcome your coming!


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