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【Festival】Happy Lantern Festival!

【Festival】Happy Lantern Festival!



Happy Lantern Festival!

Festival Customs 

Eating Sweet Dumplings

Eating  "Yuanxiao" (sweet dumplings) on the fifteenth of the first lunar month is the festival custom. "Yuanxiao" has been used as food for a long time in our country. In the Song Dynasty,

"Yuanxiao" is popular among the people. This kind of food was first called "Floating Yuanzi" and later "Yuanxiao", and businessmen also called it "Yuanbao".


Lantern Show

Lantern Show is a traditional festival custom of Lantern Festival, which began in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The fifteenth of the first lunar month is the climax of the annual fireworks and lanterns.


Guess Riddles 

Guessing lantern riddles, also known as lantern riddles, is a characteristic activity of Lantern Festival. On the fifteenth of the first lunar month of the lunar calendar, people hang up colored lanterns and set off fireworks. Later, some people write riddles on papers and paste them on colorful lanterns for people to guess.



Festival Wishes


The Lantern Festival is coming,

we wish you peace and happiness!


Wish all the friends happy Lantern Festival!

Full of the moon and people have a reunion!


Happy Lantern Festival!

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