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Greed is Not Green

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-22
Greed is Not Green
I have lived in Thailand for over 10 years or more. I'm still not would prefer to the heat, I doubt that I ever is actually. Some days, sunlight beats down so hard that Freezing don't in order to venture outside. You can really browse through the power, power .. Thailand has huge potential for solar ability. It's sunny pretty much all year round, so don't you see any houses or properties with individual panels?
It is they of the cost of solar panels? Well frankly yes, this may be the main factor for most individual house owners. Average salary in Thailand is under an associated with other developed nations, but what makes it particularly tricky is that the Thai Government hasn't targeted individual homeowners or businesses. Thailand doesn't have a Grid Tied system available for everyone. Solar power generation in Thailand is reasonably much exclusively dominated by large establishments. I suspect that (sorry to say this but quite typically the case) politicians are finding out about cashing in on this potentially lucrative source or money by focusing on large companies, large investors, and large 'deals'.
Small individual home owners don't present you with the same financial incentives to those in power, so why bother? You will find many small businesses providing cell installation but they don't get a look located in.
With an enthusiastic marketing campaign and Feed-in-Tariff scheme aimed toward small home owners, businesses and industries, Thailand could substantially increase its output of solar power, but where's the funds in that?
Once again, greed is not green.
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