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Hybrid Thermal And Solar Power Systems

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-25
Solar energy generation technologies that create thermal energy and solar power might be more efficient than systems that 'dump' the temperature collected into atmosphere.
These are solar hot water systems that also generate electricity. One company, called SolarTron Energy Systems, has created solar hot water system that rrs known for a photovoltaic module that can be added later to make up to or maybe more.5kW of electricity.Research and development of new technologies for energy is constantly developing, improving design and components additional medications alternative energy systems more efficient. However solar energy we are see that there are two ways to tap this resource, transforming solar radiation into heat for hot water or by when using the energy to create electricity from triple junction solar cells.The solar heat is used to produce hot water for various uses, such as solar hot water heating, pool heating, industrial process heating water or other fluids as well concerning cold production for air conditioning along with absorption chiller.
Using solar energy for electricity production
Virtually any application that requires electricity to operate can benefit from solar electric system. The only limitation may be the cost of apparatus and space required for installation of people types of systems. Often if software needed solar hot water and electricity, they had to buy 2 separate computer systems. However, the SolarBeam Concentrator can provide up to 190 F hot water and a photovoltaic system that deliver up to 3.5kW/h of solar power. This is better than other hybrid systems just take only provide water temperatures at lower temperatures who are not useful for process heat applications. When it comes to choosing several consumers system for that facility, it is vital that the system can provide good electricity and water at an useable temperature.
In the concept of solar concentration, SolarBeam is different because accredited parabolic dish that uses solar radiation to generate solar warm water and solar power at the same time by concentrating all the daylight into a focal point where the a heat exchanger heats the fluid inside along with the solar cells create strength. This system provides an an average of 10kW (BTU 34,350) and to a max of 3.5kW of electricity from a heat exchanger the measurements 25 x 25 centimetres. Generating the two types of energies from a single system, makes it very cheaper and there's an excellent repayment. The SolarBeam also has a solar tracking mechanism on two axis (horizontal and vertical), that allows it strive and do a 320 degree turn. The SolarBeam uses a celestial algorithm with global positioning system (GPS) to track the sun regardless time period.
The SolarBeam is sold through distributors that have knowledge of heating systems and have finished the 2 day training seminar to turn to certified SolarBeam installers.
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