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Ikea Is Selling Solar Panels in UK

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-17
Ikea, the 1 in world furniture industry, announced that they are selling solar panels for a British market. Panels manufactured by Chinese from Hanergy can be on the British market with 6,800 Euros for individuals with an Ikea Family card.
The initiative was already released in the Ikea store in Southampton and will be taken in another 17 stores in the uk in the next ten months, while in terms of return on investment, the representatives are estimating a period of seven years.
According to representatives of Ikea, the sale of solar panels the european union is carried out in a pilot project and the decision to commercialize photovoltaic panelsin other countries will be taken in the next season.
Steve Howard, director of sustainable expansion of the company, stated that this decision is a natural continuation of Ikea's work.
The greener quality of life
The solar power project is an element of a green initiative, a more sustainable to life, easier for people and makeup.
Many companies want as being increasingly more 'green', however the biggest Swedish furniture retailer, Ikea, has a much more ambitious, namely to become 100% green by using only renewable electric power.
The green plan of Ikea using 100% renewable energy, included, among others, an investment of 4 million your past UK, where the roofs of stores, the Swedish company installs 39,000 solar panels built in China by GS Solar Fujian Corp.
Swedish retailer has 67 wind turbines in Europe with a total capacity of 127 megawatts, the 18.3 megawatts one in Huntly, Scotland, having the capacity to provide 30% of Britain's energy needs.
Ikea aims to become green also from a personal financial interest, since most of energy generation from wind andsolar sources, will lower costs, which are very high, which implies the associated with fossil energy sources.
The 1% Swedish furniture giant Ikea has make certain consumption of 16 million cubic meters, or 1 percent of the wood reservesin order tomake the products they look after clients in 41 countries around the globe, in line with a study conducted by Pacific Standard magazine.
This immeasurably appetite is explained not just by the global dimension in the business the Swedish group carries, but through the models they sell, namely cheap furniture that is readily acknowledged as installed, but has a smallish lifetime.
In order to procure raw materials, the Swedish giant demands a large regarding forest concessions, located mostly in the Nordic countries, Scandinavia and Russia, the place that the pine combined with predilection for Ikea furnishings are very regularly occurring.
The group has wood supplier in Poland, 25.3 %, Germany, 10%, Lithuania, 9.9 %, France, few.7%, China, 8.1%, and South East Asia, countries for instance Laos or Vietnam, hits the mark is company has partnered with WWF to ensure the origin with the wood.
Ikea designers are always looking for first solutions produce a lower priced products without reducing quality. Therefore, they choose to produce a coffee table in a factory for doors or candle holders in one for power nozzles.
Due to large orders, they benefit of scale economies and thus they is able to reduce acquisition premiums.
Packages are loaded into compact flat containers occupying less space and thus decreasing what number of trucks used, meaning transportation costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Along with the savings obtained are in order to the consumer in the shape of lower prices.
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