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Light Snow is coming~

Light Snow is coming~


Light Snow is the 20th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. 

Light Snow is a solar term reflecting precipitation and temperature. The arrival of Light Snow means that the weather will get colder and the precipitation will gradually increase. 

During the Light Snow, the temperature drops and the temperature drops to the point where it can snow.



Folk Custom 

1.Cured Meat

After Light Snow, the temperature declines sharply and the air becomes dry. It is the best time to start making preserved pork.


2.Glutinous Rice Cake 

In some parts of the South, there is the custom of eating glutinous rice cake in the lunar month. Glutinous rice cake is a food made from glutinous rice steamed and smashed, it is popular in some parts of southern China.


 3.Pork Soup 

The Tujia people started the annual folk-custom activities of "Kill Pigs, Celebrate New Year," adding a warm atmosphere to the cold winter. With the finest fresh pork, the delicately cooked delicacy is called "pork soup" and is very suitable for winter health food.



Chinese traditional twenty-four solar terms

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