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On grid "Zero Carbon" project by CETCSOLAR in Jiaxing City

On grid "Zero Carbon" project by CETCSOLAR in Jiaxing City


 The "Zero Carbon" Smart Park Demonstration Project was successfully connected to the grid and electrified


On June 15th, "Zero Carbon" demonstration project of the Red Boat Base of the State Grid Jiaxing Electric Power Company under construction by our company, mainly includes: clean and low-carbon power, multiple and flexible energy storage, high-efficiency and energy-saving loads, smart power distribution systems, and smart management systems.


It was constructed by the Energy Research Institute of State Grid Jiaxing Power Supply Company and constructed by our company.


The important part of the "Zero Carbon" Smart Park project is the distributed PV power project, which will install PV system on the four roofs and carports of the park, with a total installed capacity of 321KW.


After the completion of this park, it will become Jiaxing's first "zero-carbon" smart park demonstration project with clean energy. The annual net carbon dioxide emissions are approximately minus 70 tons, which can not only achieve "zero carbon" emissions, but also contribute to society's emission reduction targets.



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