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Perpetual Motion Motor

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-16
The perpetual motion motor has been talked about for years with some saying it works as well as saying it cannot task.
What is a perpetual motion motor?
In short it is often a motor that when started runs by itself without any external power source, all it needs is a push start. Now websites the doubters say these machines are not real is that they do eventually stop, thus accurate perpetual motors, but when you consider the fact that an adequately made perpetual motion motor can run on distinctive for way longer in comparison to human lives for then to all ends it is the perpetual motion motor.
The aim of one of these simple generators is to present you with free energy for the rest of your life. Yes there is also ways of creating electricity, like wind turbines and solar panels but they both rely on the weather, this unit relies on nothing but its own magnetic power. So you get free power all year round and not just whenever it's sunny or windy. The other reason I like these motors is that they compact, unlike the alternatives. Solar panels are ugly but do work and the wind turbines are ugly and huge and also provide very small energy for their period.
You the way that magnets push each other away when you back up for sale together? well that could be the basics of one of these motors, the magnets are arranged in a specific fashion so that they force the motor to show.
Now the one thing that does shock me is that I have not ever seen a fully built unit for sale, maybe people build them for themselves and want to keep it to themselves. So the best thing to do is build your own as well as easily done with an appartment with a set of plans, the best being the hojo motor projects. With these you can build a perpetual motion motor that can power your entire house for free.
Living off the grid has been the dream of many people and not alone the green energy brigade, with a set of plans you can make your very own green energy system.
The thing that puts people off going green may be the effort that is needed to make the device, well that is nonsense because a perpetual motion motor can be launched and established within two weekends of work, can be nothing compared towards the vast amount of money it will conserve your over the years and years.
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