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Quixote Media Production Studios Goes Green

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-24
It's no secret that people are more aware belonging to the need to protect the environment. Communities have started recycling programs, companies are reducing or eliminating the use of dangerous chemicals, or maybe even celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Begley, Jr. do what they can to live and work in an eco-friendly way.
Quixote, a high-end media production company that rents photography studios, film sets, production equipment, and production vehicles, decided it was a person to do their part for the environment as well. One of the several first companies associated with production studio industry to add eco-friendly vehicles to their fleet, Quixote introduced their elite Verde trailers. Verde means 'green' in Spanish, and these motorhomes really live at least their name. Quixote rents two models to suit the requirements of their clients: the making Verde LA, and the Verde Talent MoHo.
So are they all so environment friendly? Zero emissions! Thanks together with proprietary hybrid-solar power system, these Verde motorhomes deliver all the actual clients need without all of the harmful by-products.
But the use of green technology doesn't stop here. Both the Production Verde LA and also the Verde Talent MoHo vehicles make involving post-consumer recycled goods and merchandise that use fewer harmful chemicals. For example, the sofas both in models are filled with natural latex foam instead of foam at a time chemical PDBE, a toxin that been recently linked to cancer. Both production motorhomes also use 100% recycled Eco-Poly fabrics that give no chemical off-gassing. There are numerous more eco-friendly features over these top-of-the-line motorhomes -- for much more visit (add links).
Quixote production studios are placed on both coasts, with two studio sets in Boston; three in Griffith Park, California; five in Culver City, California; and six spaces in West Hollywood, including 'The Dark Room', a lush, amenity-packed space for VIP lounges and wrap parties. Really feel nice a location in New Orleans. Get in touch with Quixote or view their extensive regarding media production equipment rentals, please visit addition to production studios and film sets, Quixote rents film production supplies, professional photography equipment, supply trucks, celebrity trailers, and also production steps you can take.
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