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Renewable energy Integration in Texas Electric

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-24
Recently, the announcement of federal projects involving the roll-out of new electric transmission lines brought new hope for residents of affected states, all eagerly anticipating the development of new jobs plus a slight increase in their electrical grid capacity. Not only that, the project also necessitates the modernization of the electricity grid which will facilitate better integration and connected with renewable energy sources.
Texas electricity stands among the leaders of electrical grid modernization with the unveil of smart meters many cities and localities. Not just will this give full monitoring control for consumers, but it will also enable the grid operator to predict or determine when electricity produced through the renewable energy source is available for integration into the grid. Not only will this further enhance consumers' power to choose energy choices, but they furthermore benefit significantly from higher energy efficiency and electricity savings.
Integration of Sustainable energy Sources
One of the most important elements for your production of Texas electricity through renewable energy means is predictability particularly with relation to integration during peak hours. Knowing how much Texas electricity capacity is available from renewable energy will rely heavily on how smart the electrical grid will often be. With the use of brand new technologies for solar and wind power energy forecasting and after which integrating smart grid technologies such as smart meters and others.
Funding has already been released by america Department of one's energy to develop advanced forecasting methods for solar and wind energy generation. Through these methods, accurate forecasts on when exactly where there is Texas electricity is generated from alternative or alternative energy means. Once this integration is completed and the smart grid fully established, consumers will eventually enjoy an entirely interactive, intelligent and digitized electric grid.
Smart Meter Deployment
Smart meter deployment had its share of issues and concerns raised by consumer groups, particularly while increased Texas electricity bills that surprised many. Although there were other factors such as you move the weather condition, lack of education and awareness on which the smart grid and smart meters can do proved end up being a more important factor.
There can be more than 1.3 million smart meters deployed across Texas and this fully integrated advanced metering system may reduce peak loads also as have better reliability. Inside the part among the utility company, they could have greater visibility of the operations and will most likely reduce maintenance and operational costs. An example will be the deployment and integration on the smart meter system into the Houston electricity grid.
As part of the modernization of the country's electricity grid, more than five million smart meters have been recently issued and installed. Smart meters provide real-time feedback that gives both consumers and power companies a better insight relating to electricity operation. This will allow utility companies to react in real-time to electrical emergencies also as monitor peak usages, allowing the particular tap renewable power resources when the demand calls for additional capacity - hereby securing any future for your Texas electricity grid.
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