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Smart Grids Enhance Energy Security

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-24
India, inside past few decades, has witnessed significant changes globe generation and network technology deployment, as well as the volume and use of electricity in the land coupled with changes in market and regulatory structures governing its power part. This transformation has largely been successfully managed, but ageing infrastructure is raising concerns that further changes could affect system stability, reliability and security. Thus, there is a need for continued investment to maintain reliability superiority system and electricity produce.
In future, as demand grows and its pattern changes (with socio-economic growth) and distributed generation becomes more widespread in the country, ageing distribution and transmission infrastructure would need to be replaced and updated, and technology would will have to be working. This coupled with the growing challenges of environmental depletion, fast depleting conventional sources of your energy and more recently the growing challenge of climate change are necessitating the adoption of a built-in approach for demand and supply side your power section.
On the supply side, put on weight a drive towards sustainable, low-carbon electricity generation using renewable sources and hydrocarbon substitution using biofuels and biogas concepts. On the demand side, consumers are increasingly seeking more information and cure for their protect against. The existing distribution will be primarily generated for one-way flow of electricity with limited information to consumers concerning patterns of electricity incorporate.
These supply and demand side changes with growing emphasis on distributed clean power want a fundamental alternation in the style of the chart. The current grid network in the united kingdom is prepared to only accommodate the associated with electricity generated through a rising number of medium to large-scale electricity projects, however the choice to procure green power is limited for all categories of buyers. To avoid stalling progress towards a sustainable and low-carbon future, India can tend to make necessary investment in new grid designs and opt for smart grid technology to further improve the power grid and distribution system.
Smart grid technologies can be a range of solutions which will be tailored to you will need to needs every region. India is within an unique position as is actually possible to still building its web its electrical infrastructure and for that reason will give you the chance to leverage the maximum benefits of smart plants. Smart grids will not only for help reduce theft, additionally improve the network efficiency, consumer efficiency, and are usually able to use dispersed energy resources like wind and solar to its optimum possible. The country has 173,626 MW of installed capacity and will probably to around 80,000 MW in next five years representing over $200 billion opportunity in building energy infrastructure. Additionally, the National Solar Mission is gonna be add another 20,000 MW of solar energy in next 10 days.
Recently the Bureau of one's Efficiency has initiated perform designing a programme for smart power grids. The programme if implemented in your immediate future will assist in modernisation of this transmission and distribution system through the integration of brand new information technologies that
allow achievable uses with the electric grid, both in operations and through new customer side strategies.
Such a programme additionally benefit the utilities through improvements in grid reliability by lowering the frequency and duration of power outages and the quantity of power quality disturbances, including decreasing the probability of regional power failures. The price of electricity can be reduced through increased interaction of require side in the market (consumers) with the availability side (suppliers).
Finally, smart grids will promote utilize of green power in order to reduced volume GHG emissions in australia. Promoting a more even deployment of renewable power sources, and allowing in order to more environmentally-friendly electricity generation will sway be a win-win situation for managing both socio-economic and environmental challenges of the united states.
The author is VP, sustainability and climate value advisory, Emergent Ventures
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