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The way to Install a Solar Warm water Heating System

by:CETC SOLAR     2020-07-25
I wanted to reduce my heating costs and also since I have in-floor heating and radiant heating It was not respectable benefit from using thermal energy. I looked at flat panels but being that they are static, they only could provide me with energy for about 4 hours a day. I have a big house, about 4,000 sq. feet and we have cold winters (-20 degrees) and I to be able to have a high quantity hot water, so this is where I got interested in solar concentrators. These systems are able to produce high amounts of thermal heat and are appropriate for projects that require high amounts of solar drinking water heating. I got a distributor to install the SolarBeam since I didn't install it myself.
Here is the process for installing the system:
Step 1
The solar hot water heating system should be installed recorded at a south facing location. The dish is going placed in a location that is 20ft abandoning obstructions (i.e. trees, buildings, etc.)
A hole 9 feet deep ought to excavated for the foundation.
Step 2
Install the 8 foot post in gear get trained. This piece came as one system consequently no huge assembly was required.
Step 3
Install the ribs this also hold the reflective petals and leaves. These ribs are made from aluminum and also very light. Just needed a scaffold to the cheese.
Step 4
Install the 16 reflective petals. Each petal weighs 7 cash. Just simply screw it in the holes the actual planet ribs specialists be wiped out less than 6 a long time.
Step 5
Install the high temperature exchanger along with the 4 arms that hold it on hand. The heat exchanger is a small box (10' x 10') that collects the thermal energy and gets hotter the water that are going to be passed by.
Step 6
Install the tubing that runs using the heat exchanger and hook it up to the tubing a person can installed on your lawn
Step 7
Hire a plumber for connecting the pump station towards the existing warm water tanks. If you need more storage capacity, buy extra hot water tanks simply because this system can heat a 120 gallon tank to 90 degrees in three hours.
Step 8
Install the tracking system and calibrate to your latitude and longitude the program will automatically start tracking the sun
Step 9
Check power bill and see the elimination of your energy costs and smile. In 2011, We're installing a photovoltaic module on gathered to produce up to 4kW of electricity. So that will be even more energy markdowns. I may even sell much of the power to be able to the power grip.
I am really pleased about my solar hot water heating programme. My energy bill has dropped significantly reveal exactly also reducing greenhouse gasses. I think that if more people used solar hot water heating only then do we would reduce our attachment to fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse pollution levels.
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